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Fire and Heat Protection

Super Therm® the revolution in insulation coatings

Super Therm® is an energy efficient product and is the most highly advanced insulation coating system available today. No other product can claim a 99.5% heat block. It's properties will perform under the harshest of conditions saving you valuable time and money thanks to a greatly reduced need for roof repair and/or replacement. The product literally extends of the life of roofs and structures. > Super Therm®

Omega Fire (SP2001F)

Omega Fire (SP2001F) is a design of several specially formulated resins and additives created to provide a base that is flexible enough to withstand severe climate changes, as well as severe heat peaks without loss of adhesion.

A select group of ceramic materials are used in the formula to achieve a stoppage of heat, fire, smoke, and gases from passing through the coating during a fire. This coating is designed to stay intact with constant adhesion above 2000°F. This is not an intumiscent coating, but instead, a pliable film that reacts to flame. The face of the coating will glaze during a fire to form a complete protection shield against flame, smoke, gases and heat. > Omega Fire (SP2001F)

Total Seal

Total Seal UHS is a tough adherent, two-component, 90% solid, fire-control pigmented Epoxy coating which will produce a tough, yet extremely flexible coating film. This epoxy product will demonstrate excellent chemical and solvent-resistance, fire-resistance, static-resistance, and will also provide outstanding water and humidity-resistance.

This coating will adhere tenaciously to concrete and can be utilized in masonry applications for best results: warehouse flooring and concrete block walls, etc. > Total Seal UHS