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Total Seal

The perfect sealant with fire control

Used to coat over concrete walls to prevent or seal water leakage through the small cracks and pores of the concrete.

Total Seal UHS-F-90 is a tough adherent, two-component, 90% solid, fire-control pigmented Epoxy coating which will produce a tough, yet extremely flexible coating film.

This epoxy product will demonstrate excellent chemical and solvent-resistance, fire-resistance, static-resistance, and will also provide outstanding water and humidity-resistance. This coating will adhere tenaciously to concrete and can be utilized in masonry applications for best results: warehouse flooring and concrete block walls, etc.

  • Total Seal is a tough two part epoxy solvent based coating designed to coat concrete and masonry.
  • Total Seal provides excellent solvent and chemical resistance.
  • Total Seal provides and excellent coating for concrete floors or concrete block walls.
  • Total Seal may be used below grade, performs as and excellent basement liner to block water leakage.
  • Total Seal is scuff and impact resistant.
  • Total Seal dries to a semi-gloss finish that can be tinted to any colour.
  • Total Seal may be applied with brush, roller, or spray, for a coverage rate of 100-250 sq. Ft. per gallon according to need.