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Super Therm® independant testing results

ASTM Test Listing (pdf - 58kb)

Revised 10-09-01 listing of  ASTM G53, ASTM  E96, ASTM D522,  ASTM D412, ASTM D1653, ASTM E 84-89, ASTM E 119, ASTM E 119, ASTM C 177, ASTM C 411, ASTM E1269, ASTM E1461-92, ASTM D1654, ASTM D3274, ASTM D4060, ASTM E-903-96, ASTM E-1918, NHB 8060.1B/C TEST 1, NHB 8060. 1C, TEST 7, JIS A-5759, USDA, M0729, BOCA Section 723.2, BOCA Section 723.3, BOCA Section 803.2, BOCA 1998 International Mechanical Code Section 604.3.

  • Exposure to UV, elevated temperature and humidity - passed
  • Water Vapour transmission - passed
  • Resistance to cracking on metal or rubber type materials - passed
  • Tensile Strength - passed
  • Flame Spread and smoke generation - passed
  • Structure Steel Fire Curve - passed
  • Thermal conductivity test - passed
  • Salt spray only - 450 hours - passed
  • Fungal growth or soil and dirt accumulation on paint film - passed
  • Abrasion resistance of organic coatings - passed
  • Toxic offgassing - none - passed
  • Reflectivity of sunlight on window or coating film - passed
  • Environmentally safe and safe for use around animals - passed
  • Approved and accepted as energy star partner for saving energy - passed

Denver Insulation coatings comparison test

This test produced by the Florida Office of Energy showing a comparison test in Denver, colourado. The test was over 24 hours between Super Therm® and standard Latex Paint with 2 identical controlled structures. Reports showed it took 30% less energy to heat or cool the building with Super Therm® and moisture levels were reduced.

ASTMB117 Salt Spray Tests (pdf - 40kb)

Northwest Testing Laboratories, Salt Spray Corrosion Tests.

ASTM C236: For R Value with Fiberglass Batt insulation (pdf - 1.5mb)

R19.3 and R28.5 Rating given to Super Therm® in a test by VTEC Laboratories. Super Therm® proved to be 240% better than fiberglass insulation in a test designed to favor fiberglass. Fiberglass Batt insulation is only tested at 70F and with no moisture in order to give it's highest rating. Super Therm® performs equaly from -50 to 300F and is never affected by moisture.

Sound Proof Test (pdf - 531kb)

Sound Testing performed by Hot-Cold Air and Fire Control by Pat Saulson, PhD. Sound reduced on average 50% for interior walls and 23% for exterior walls.

ASTMD-3273-82T (pdf 44kb)

Buckman Laboratories International, Technical Service Laboratory Report. Resistance to growth of mould in severe mould environments.

ASTMD-3274 (pdf - 38kb)

Buckman Laboratories International, Technical Service Laboratory Report, Table. Fungal growth or soil and dirt accumulation.

ASTM Tests (pdf - 58kb)


  • Visual effect of UV exposure - passed
  • Water vapour permeability on organic coatings
  • Abrasion resistance on organic coatings
  • Water vapour transmission on materials
  • Mandrel Bend test
  • Tensile properties

BOCA Report (pdf - 91kb)

BOCA International Evaluation Report. US National Building Code 1999 - endorsement of Super Therm®.

Chicken House Test (pdf - 91kb)

Perimeter Industries Test Chicken House Roof - Cold storage facility for Jacks Hamburgers and Subway Foods, Cagle Foods.

Coke Pusher Cab (pdf - 251kb)

Sloss Industries Testing Documentation for Perimeter Industries, Coke Pusher Cabs Test, Stand Pipe Test, Steam Pipe Test, Oven Door Plug Test, Leveling Door Castings, Summary and Recommendations.

Ecopetrol Test (pdf - 80kb)

Ecopetrol Certification. Use of Super Therm® instead of Aluminium foil for insulation.

Emittance Test (pdf - 87kb)

Tennesse Tech Emittance Test.

Jet Engine Thruster Test (pdf - 250kb)

Jet Engine Reverse Thruster Test, (see graphs in pdf).

NASA Flamability Test (pdf - 262kb)

NASA Space Flight Center Testing of Super Therm®.

Super Therm® Field Retrofitted Shipping Contains Test (pdf - 1.6mb)

Florida Energy Conservatiion Assistance Program with Super Therm®. The objective of this analysis is to determine the impact of the "As Built Conditions and As Installed Components / Equipment" on the energy producing loads on occupied residential, commercial, government building and other structures.

Thermophysical Tests (pdf - 901kb)

Thermal Conductivity, ASTM C 177, ASTM E1461-92, Thermophysical Properties Research Laboratory, Table 1, Table 2, Table 3, Table 4, Table 5.

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