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Super Therm® frequently asked
questions and their answers

Q: Does Super Therm® have an R value?

A: Yes! figured at 8 mils = R 19.3. By the only recognised test for evaluating approved materials, the ASTM C236-89. This test was conducted by VTEC laboratory and the National Certified Testing Laboratory (NCTL) in the USA. This test showed that Super Therm® is 246% better than the most accepted material in use today (Fibreglass Batt Insulation). And proved that a single coat of Super Therm® provides an R19.3, but if interior and exterior of a wall are coated with a single coat, an R28.5 is attained.

Super Therm® Product Tests Listings - pdf

Q: Do your have R equivalency testing? Meaning, do you have testing compared to fiberglass and foams with an R value of 19.

A: Yes. Hot Box test and “MERIMAC” testing performed on shipping containers.

Q: Has Super Therm® been tested to show the reduction of BTU conduction of heat through a substrate to verify its performance level?

A: Yes. In the Thermophysical Research Lab report, the metal plate conducted 367.20 BTU's, then with one coat of Super Therm® applied at 7-8 mils, the BTU conduction was reduced from 367.20 to 3.99. a 92% + reduction after Super Therm®.

Q: Who uses Super Therm®?

A: How about some major international companies: Canon - Wal-Mart - Daihatsu - Paramount Pictures - Seiko - Exxon-Mobil - Matsushita - NASA - Mitsubishi - Department of Defense - Murata - Sony - Sumitomo - Toshiba - Toyo Tire - NEC - Yamaha - Yokohama Tyre. Well... we could go on for days! You get the idea.

Q: Since 57%* of heat that enters a room from the sun is through Infrared radiation, does Super Therm® stop IR radiation?

A: Yes. Tested by “COSMO Trade and Services” at the Japanese Institute of Technology in the window film and coating testing, Super Therm® blocked 99.5% of long range radiation (IR).

Q: Do you have independent field studies by engineering groups to show the actual performance of the product on different substrates studied for over a year in performance?

A: Yes, “SONY” engineering group performed testing on buildings. Result was 78% saving on KW
usage in a building which directly relates to dollars (KW times the cost of KW by the local power company).

Many other major companies have substantiated the results with their testing. Local fast food facilities with 25% savings with only the roof coated and their grills in constant normal operation.

Q:  There are other ceramic paints, why should I use yours?

A: As the great corporations and government agencies that opted for Super Therm®, you should have a "budget" when considering the investment necessary to solve your insulation problems. You should know that Super Therm® will do the job for a minimum of twenty years, it will insulate even if you paint over it, it will cut your energy bills in half thus returning your investment within few months, and it will result in great savings from there on. 

Additionally Super Therm® is not like other ceramic coatings that yield a rough finish do to their raw ceramics compounds. Super Therm® is manufactured with four different types of ceramics which are ground to perfect microscopic spheres, the formula is protected but you should know that the finish will be smooth and latex like with a lusciously rich surface finish. And don't forget R19. You would have to build an additional wall at least 8" thick and fill it with fiberglass in order to match Super Therm®'s insulation properties.

Q: Will Super Therm® work over steel / wood / concrete / aluminium / other finishes / other paints / on the interior / on the exterior / on the roof / on glass ?


Q: How is it applied?

A: You can use a Brush, Roller, or an Airless Pot Sprayer with a pressure of 1500 lbs/sq inch.  The easiest way of knowing how much paint to use, is to select an area of 100 sq ft (10 feet  x 10 feet) and apply a whole gallon to it. With rollers you may have to apply the same amount  in two coats this is due to the tendency of rollers to squeeze the coat too thin.

Q: How long before I see results?

A: Same day!

Q: What is the maximum temperature that Super Therm® can withstand?

A: 500F continuously. If you need higher temperature protection see our HSC coating and for fire protection up to three hours our SP2001F coating is the only coating to have passed ASTM E119 for three hours.

Q: Can I paint a Car / Boat / Motor Home / My Pet Shelter ?

A: For each specialised application we have developed different insulation coatings, make sure you let us know how you plan to use it.

Q: Is Super Therm® for real?


Q: In What colours does Super Therm® comes?

A: Super Therm® comes in egg shell white, It can be tinted with water base dies to light colours by your local paint store. The cost to do this is minimum and you will have the local swatches to select the colours of your choice. 

Q: How much does Super Therm® cost?

A: Super Therm® is the least expensive professional permanent solution to insulation problems. If you consider the return in your utilities savings within a few months, you could even say that it cost you nothing. You could even say that it will be making money for you for a long time. OR.... You can use the another paint, and use it again in two years, and again in two more years, etc. OR.... You can do nothing and continue to make your local utilities company a whole lot richer. Call us for a quote.

Q: Where and how can I order

A: If you are ready to start saving, be more comfortable, be environmentally conscious. Contact Superior Hi Tech Coatings today.  to get a quote, or place your order. Contact Us today!

The above information aims to support an effective management decision on the benefits of using Super Therm® as the primary insulation material. The proof category has been filled from every angle and certified by other major labs. This gives substantiation from other engineering groups and certified labs.

Super Therm Insulation Coating

* From the COOL ROOF Program information printed by Lisa Gartland for the State of California