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Super Therm® is great for our environment

Super Therm® is truly a timely, Energy Star and environmentally-safe coating that addresses both insulation and fire protection with minimal effort in application labor, making it ideal for a wider market use. The uses for Super Therm® are numerous and only limited by one's imagination.

  • 99.5% heat blocked
  • R19 Rating
  • 20 year guarantee
  • Can be used around food preparation facilities
  • Absolutely no fire spread
  • Reduced demand on power
  • EPA (US) endorsed
  • Better bottomline for business

Energy Star ratingSuper Therm® has proven itself by the thousands of successful applications. However in today's environmentally conscience society the coating has proven to be the only true winner.

With the rising cost of energy being one of the biggest concerns for businesses today, traditional insulation such as fibreglass or rock wool which work on a resistance factor to slow the penetration of heat. The downside is that they retain heat and over time loose insulation value when moisture is present. Super Therm® reflects 99.5% of the heat and it doesn't loose its R19 value when moisture is present.

Temperature of coatings & Other Materials in sunlight

Better for the environment

The big initiative towards reducing the demands on foreign energy and fossil fuels means that Super Therm® demands a reduction on energy consumption as well as pollution from the energy generation and global warming.

By using the advanced technologies of Superior Hi Tech Coatings and Super Therm® to cover your roof or walls means that business cover much more of their costs. The coating will provide insulation, corrosion control, toxic material encapsulation and chemically resistant coatings for many applications.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency - USA) has recognised the environmental benefits of Super Therm® for reducing energy consumption and resulting pollution from energy consumption.

Insulate oil and gas storage tanks to prevent heat build-up and evaporation. In the US, the EPA has found that 25% of our air pollution is generated from gas fume emission. Also, the present epoxy coatings being used to coat these tanks will only last approximately 4-5 years before cracking and peeling; the labor cost and precautions involved are expensive. Super Therm® applied over Rust Grip® will seal and guard the tanks from acid deterioration, weathering, and contraction/expansion of the tanks over a period of at least 10 years. This alone saves a minimum of one cycle of repainting that costs approximately $50,000 per tank.

Fire control

Super Therm® can be used as a fire-resistant coating as well as an insulator. It has been tested for fire resistance and proven extremely effective. It was applied at 5-6 coats or approximately 30 mils thick on 1/4 inch steel and tested against 1550° flame. It resulted in a passing mark for 25 minutes before failing. It tested as "0" score (excellent) on Flame spread and Smoke spread. For a water-base insulating coating to perform as we did, it caught a considerable amount of attention at the fire labs.

Super Therm® will reduce maintenance costs and continue to provide protection long after other coatings have given up.

Better for employees

By reflecting the heat means the level of comfort is ambient and never radiant based. There are not the demands on heating and cooling systems which will cost businesses more over time. Employee working conditions are greatly improved. Large warehouses and trucking firms have benefited greatly where they need to improve employee conditions by lowering heat means less employee heat stress related illnesses, sick leave, workers compensation claims and turnover costs.

Due to this unique insulation property, one can maintain the interior temperature in a building at the human comfort level all year round without using the traditional insulation material such as fibreglass. This, in turn, will cut down the energy costs associated with heating and air-conditioning drastically. This benefit is more pronounced with old buildings, especially those which do not have space or structure to allow room for bat insulation. After applying SuperTherm, some old buildings have seen their electric consumption cut down by almost 80%.

Super Therm Insulation Coating