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Super Therm® Applications

Super Therm Application Instructions® - pdf

Super Therm® is a Coating/Paint! Built with a combination of two acrylics and one urethane, which makes it flexible, yet tough It has four different types of ceramics built in to give not only reflective abilities but also non-conductive ability for heat and cold. Other elastomeric reflective coatings have only one acrylic and a single reflective ceramic. Super Therm® ceramics are not the rough multifaceted type as the one found in other coatings, Super Therm® ceramics are ground to form microscopic spheres. The spherical shape permits the 4 type of ceramics to settle very tight together and not allowing air to interact between the ceramics thus "plating".

Therefore this is the reason why Super Therm® is a true insulating coat not just a reflective coat as are all the competing formulas in the market. Super Therm® Passed 450 hour salt spray test. Also tested by the Thermo Physical Research Laboratory for comparative RE-19 insulation factor Super Therm® blocked 99.5% of the heat. No other RE-19 insulator can claim that!. No Fiberglass, No Foam, No Cellulose, No other single ceramic paint!

Super Therm® two reflective ceramics reflect sunlight and radiant heat while the third ceramic compound works to stop heat and/or cold conduction through the coating film the fourth ceramic blocks almost all infrared. The combination of acrylics provide elasticity and toughness while the urethane binds the acrylics and compounds, also providing a moisture barrier. The fourth resin additive is what makes the complete resin blend to combine into a single component and extends the life of the coating.

VOC-Compliant: Only 67 grams/liter. Limit is 420 grams. Water-based
USDA-Approved: For use in and around food preparation facilities
Mildew and mold: Can withstand moisture
Fire tested: "0" flame and smoke results. No off gassing (NASA)
Spread: 100 sq.ft./gallon on roofing and walls.
New galvanized metal/slick metal surfaces, stainless steel and aluminum -- apply Rust Grip at 300 sq.ft./ gallon as a primer first, then Super Therm® at 100 sq.ft./ gallon (if rusted areas, Rust Grip at 200 sq.ft./ gallon as primer)
Weathered metal surfaces: (5-10 years old), no primer needed Apply Super Therm® at 100 sq.ft./gallon (if no rust is present).
Concrete surfaces: If painted before, just make sure all loose or flaking paint is off first, then apply Super Therm® directly. If not painted before, seal concrete first using Super Base (HS) at 100 sq.ft./gallon, then apply Super Therm® .
Tar/Asphalt or Rubber Surfaces: Seal first with Super Base (HS) at 30 sq.ft./gallon, then apply Super Therm® . Tar and asphalt will bleed oil residues into the coating, turning it brown and interfering with the insulation ability of Super Therm® if not sealed first. Super Base (HS) is water-based and, therefore, will not soften or harm the tar/asphalt but will completely fill and seal all holes, cracks and broken seams.
Flat Roof Systems:

Remove all loose gravel and power. wash. Watch for roofs with consistent leaking; if present, push for roofing system #1 or #2.

System #1--Apply Super Base (HS) at 30 sq.ft./gallon As you apply Super Base (HS), lay in the polyester membrane (36" width x 360' length) as you go. Let dry and re-apply Super Base (HS) over the membrane at 100 sq.ft./gallon. Let dry, then apply Super Therm® at 100 sq.ft./gallon for the insulation; and last apply SP Clear Protector at 250 sq.ft/gallon as a top coat. Total mil thickness will be: Super Base (HS) -21 mils, mesh-6 mils, SUPER BASE (HS 7 mils, Super Therm® -7 mils, SP Clear Protector-2 mils 43 mills.

System #2 (solid roof, absolutely no leaks)--Apply Super Base (HS) at 30 sq.ft./gallon Apply Super Therm® at 100 sq.ft./gallon. Apply SP Clear Protector at 250 sq.ft./gallon. Total mil thickness: 30 mils

Walls (interior/exterior): Apply Super Therm® at 100 sq. ft./gallon.
Tinting: Can tint to any earth-tone colours. Not medium to dark tones. Never tint to grey--the black tint will cover the ceramic particles first and block their effectiveness. Best approach is to apply Super Therm® in 2 coats, let dry, then paint a coloured paint over the Super Therm® as your finishing coat/td>
Acid/Salt-resistance: Will withstand mild acids and salt spray.
High humidity: After Super Therm® dries cornpletely, no effect on coating.
UV/Weathering: Very UV-stable, will withstand basic weathering for 20-25 years minimum
"R" Factoring: We have received test figures from informal tests and the "R" equivalent is wide. Typical effectiveness is -R- equivalent of 19 outside and on the inside. Examples of effectiveness are in the notebook.
Application: Always power wash substrate using a minimum of 3000 psi power washer to clean dirt, oils, etc. Use washing powders in washing systems and rinse well.

Super Therm Insulation Coating