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SP Super Cleaner

  • SP Super Cleaner is a high performance, full strength cleaning agent that combines exceptional cleaning strength, safety, and quick total evaporation.

  • With Enamo Grip 3700 applied and cured then remove graffiti with a simple wipe down of Graffiti Cleaner with a rag without leaving shadows.

SP Super Cleaner may be used as a replacement for many of the hazardous solvents used in industrial applications where very high solvency is a prime consideration.

SP Super Cleaner does not evaporate as quickly as acetone which results in lower VOC emission levels. It is as effective as acetone and safer to use because it is nonflammable.

SP Super Cleaner is a water reducible, solvent blended formula and is totally biodegradable.

SP Super Cleaner may be applied by wiping, coarse spraying, or dipping. It can be used in parts washers, ultrasonic cleaners, or flow rinsing systems.

SP Super Cleaner is used to remove graffiti from the surface of Enamo Grip.

Spray SP Super Cleaner over graffiti. Wait 15 minutes and wipe off; in some cases, hose off. Completely biodegradable. No harm to the environment.

Works in conjunction with: Enamo Grip