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Moist Metal Grip (two pack)

The ideal protection in a harsh environment

Protect submerged surfaces with durable Moist Metal Grip. This two-part epoxy is designed to provide a water-resistant, anti-corrosion coating for wet or submerged surfaces as well as protect metal surfaces already experiencing moisture or condensation that cannot be stopped and dried.

Used for corrosion control directly over condensating or wet metal surfaces. Applied by brush or roller to force into the coating into the surface pores and replace the moisture or water and lock down to prevent the combination of moisture and air to allow corrosion to exist or continue.

Moist Metal Grip is a tough adherent, 2 component Epoxy coatings, which produce hard, yet flexible coating films. These epoxy products will demonstrate excellent chemical and solvent resistance when utilized in harsh atmospheres, and will also provide outstanding water and humidity resistance.

These coatings will adhere tenaciously to a variety of substrates, such as carbon steel (phosphated or non- phosphated), wood and concrete. These products can be utilized in DTM (direct-to-metal) applications, with excellent success, as they have been fortified with a very efficient, non-toxic, rust inhibitive pigment

Benefits include:

  • Fast Acting: Submergible after only 48 hours of cure time; will finish curing while submerged.

  • Durable: Acid and chemical resistant.

  • Versatile: Can be applied to steel, aluminum, wood and concrete.

  • Easy to Apply: Semi-self-leveling formula with a smooth finish that can be tinted to any colour. Can be applied directly to a wet surface using a roller or brush.