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Mastic Sealing Tape

Protect against water and leaks with Mastic Sealing Tape. Designed for use on seams of metal buildings, Mastic Sealing Tape bonds with coatings to completely seal the roofing structure.

It works with Super Therm® and Enamo Grip to create a monolithic and long lasting roofing system, but must be overcoated initially with Super Base (HS) to seal the Tape.

Benefits include:

  • Versatile: Adheres to steel, aluminum, wood, EPDM, tar and rubber.

  • Long Lasting: Won’t rot, decay, or be affected by bacteria or fungus.

  • Variety of Sizes: Choose from 4-, 6-, 24- or 36-inch widths, all 67 feet in length and approximately 1 mm thick.

Works in conjunction with:
Super Therm®, Enamo Grip & Super Base (HS)