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Liquid Membrane

SP Liquid Membrane® is a tough, one-part elastomeric hydrocarbon rubber coating that is loaded with a ceramic pigment for strength. Upon curing, it provides a protective coating film of superior adhesion and flexibility, and is resistant to abrasion and impact. It can be used as a primer, as a one-coating system or as a top coat to seal Super Therm® from ponding water.

Additional benefits include:

Water resistant and long lasting: Protective coating on metal, concrete, wood, TPO, EPDM and PVC to add water resistance and longevity.

Flexible surface solution: One-coat system on new or existing roofs, as well as other commercial/industrial surfaces with minimal surface preparation.

Stops mold, mild and moisture: Moisture protective membrane to stop moisture penetration, contaminants, mold and mildew.

Works with other products: Top coat in a thin film over the HPC™ and HSC™ to protect them from weathering, water, and to help guard from abuse during normal operations.

Flexible environmental use: Applied in combination with HPC™ and Rust Grip® over hot pipes in petrochemical fields and other industrial environments to prevent CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation).

Whether it be in a plant or in the gulf on a rig, it insulates up to 478 degrees C (900 F), provides a tough surface, and with the finish coat of SP Liquid Membrane, it has flexibility for contact without cracking to hold the pipe surface dry and free of corrosion.