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Epoxotherm (two pack)

Epoxotherm is a ceramic-based, two-part epoxy formula solvent based that can be submerged and add insulation value to any substrate over which it is coated. It’s also designed to insulate wet surfaces. It combines the ceramics of Super Therm® for exceptional reflective and insulative performance, with the toughness and submersible capabilities of industrial grade epoxy.

Used to coat over existing condensating pipes or surfaces where the unit cannot be shut down so as to coat over a dry surface but to coat over a wet surface for control of this condensation. It can be used in areas where traffic is happening and insulation is needed but with a tough surface.

Additional benefits include:

Easy to Apply: Equivalent to 4 inches of traditional fiberglass insulation in lab testing and field results, from a layer only 120 mils (3 mm) thick.

Apply directly to damp surfaces with no threat to adhesion.

Direct-to-metal coating for ease of use, and can also coat concrete and wood.

White in colour and rough in texture for maximum performance.

Quick curing: Submerge safely after only 48 hours of cure time.

No mold and mildew: Resists formation of mold and mildew.

Food friendly: USDA-approved for use in and around food preparation areas. Originally approved under the AWWS requirements.

Waterproof: Being an epoxy formula, it is water-proofing and tough.