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Some sites where Super Therm® and other coatings have been applied.

Heathgate Recourses (Beverley Uranium Mine)
South Australia

  • Polyurethane 600 mm T-Joints
  • Internal fluid temperature 43°C
  • Temperature external over 60°C
  • Coated with Super Therm® fluid 43°C thermo coupler under coating on the polyurethane pipe 43°C
  • Problem solved

Beverley pipes

Beverley pipes

Beverley pipes

Beverley pipes

Beverley pipes

Beverley pipes

See Mining and See Petroleum, Oil & Gas

Feilke Piggery, Loxton South Australia

Pigs were laying flat on the concrete to keep as cool as possible.
As Super Therm® was being applied, the pigs started to stand up and stay upright.

  • Roof and 2 walls / Veterinary shed area covered 150 SqM
  • Uncoated roof 60°C - Walls 42°C - Time 11am
  • Super Therm® applied finished 1 pm
  • Temperature roof 29°C - Walls 29°C Fridges started to cycle
  • Internal temperature 28°C
  • 6 pigsty's 1.3 meter high Bessa block walls / half meter breeze way to corrugated roof

See Agriculture

Wayne Wurst Loxton Egg Production, South Australia

Roof and 2 walls egg grading and fridge area this area was coated after the Super Therm® application at the piggery

Light rigid truck used to transport eggs. Small car air conditioner used to keep the interior cool. Needed to load eggs before 6 am as the vehicle is parked in the sun and the trip to Adelaide is 5 hours. The air conditioner could not keep up.

The whole truck was coated with Super Therm®, parked out in the sun and could then be loaded anytime. When the doors were opened the interior was cool - no problems after the application of Super Therm®

See Agriculture

Century Drilling Rig 3, Moomba

  • Area 14 meters x 5 meters = (256 sqm)
  • 380 barrel Frac tank used for water supply to camp water temperature 46°C
  • De-mineralized water for the Santos Moomba Plant 46°C
  • Hot system 46°C Cold Water 46°C. Staff could not have showers
  • After the tank was coated with Super Therm® the water temperature was 22°C
  • Wind operated air extractor (Whirly Bird) fitted to extract the heat when the de-mineralized hot water from the plant is pumped into the storage tank, otherwise we would have created a giant thermos flask
  • Personnel now able to have hot or cold showers

See Mining

Dowell Schlumberger Smart 1 Rig, Moomba

Reference: Above the same solution as at the Century Rig 3

See Mining

Halliburton Australia, (Santos) - Moomba

  • Pump Trailers (Grizzlies) 4 units
  • Caterpillar Motors 2225 Break Horse Power (BHP)
  • Problems with heat on motor control units and computers had fluctuations as the 4 units are coupled together and operated from any control panel
  • Ambient Temperature 42°C
  • Stainless steel computer boxes non operational 66 / 70°C
  • Operational 54 / 56°C uncoated
  • Super Therm® applied at 200 microns duel thermo couplers installed
  • Temperature 32C non operational
  • Operational temperature internal 38°C at the screen 42°C
  • Stainless steel fuel tanks no fuel coolers fitted
  • Non operational fuel temperature 58°C
  • Tanks coated with Super Therm® non operational fuel temperature 34°C
  • Operational fuel temperature 44°C
  • 2 control units at the motor had heat break down. The units were coated with 3 coats of Super Therm®. The coating was also applied to the motor.
  • After the application of Super Therm® on the above there were no more break downs or fluctuations on any of trailers.

See Mining

Halliburton Roma, Queensland

See Mining

Halliburton, Moomba

  • 5 Acid tanks refurbished internally
  • 1-Tank coat with Super Therm® externally for temperature control

See Petroleum, Oil & Gas

Halliburton Darwin North West Shelf off shore platform

  • Nitrogen Tank fitted with tropical roof for cooling to stabilize the nitrogen
  • Engineers had too many problems with the temperature and had to make adjustments during major operations


  • 2 Coats Rust Grip®, 2 Coats Super Therm®, 2 Coats Enamo Grip
  • After the tank was coated, the nitrogen stayed at an even temperature and no adjustment needed. The engineers did not have keep recalculating the fluctuations they had before

See Petroleum, Oil & Gas

Centaury Drilling Rig 3, Moomba

Project was to insulate the kitchen and Mess block. 2 half ton air conditioners in use 24 hours per day

  • The insulation in the roof and wall was originally insulated foam and fiberglass and styrene.
  • Heat sources internal stoves / ovens / charcoal grillers. Temperature 38C in some areas and up to 46°C even with air conditioner working full blast.
  • External heat sauce SUN temperature on the aluminum cladding 70°+C
  • Super Therm® applied all over @ 600 microns wet dry film thickness (DFT) 275 / 300 microns
  • Air conditioners started to cycle even with only the roof coated after walls coated
  • ONLY 1 air conditioner in use at lower settings and is cycling
  • Ablution Block was only used for sit down.  Other was out in the field
  • It was impossible to stay in there any longer then 1 or 2 minutes  
  • Roof only coated with Super Therm®
  • The block was then used in the normal way 24 hours per day
  • Rig 4 wheel drinking water tank coated cam locks left open for air circulation. Water was drinkable within 12 hours

  • Hard Hats! The writer’s own is coated internally with Super Therm®.
    When the rig crew found out they all had their hats coated

    See Petroleum, Oil & Gas and Cool Storage

    Hard Produce Services (Transport), South Australia

  • 2 Refrigerated trailers roofs coated with Super Therm®
  • After the application of the coating, thermo kings started to cycle. These trailers are used on the WA run
  • Super Therm® on 2 roofs 1: 500 SqM  2: 1200 SqM   heat reduction 25 / 30°C
  • 3: 500 SqM same results as above.
  • See Transportation and Cool Storage

    Heritage Building Salt Damp Restoration, South Australia

  • Heritage 130 year old miner's cottage with salt damp
  • Salts purged, strengthens concrete and creates a moisture barrier with Interlock - Inner Seal®
  • Walls and roofs

  • See Concrete Protection and Residential

    Port Victoria Maritime Museum, South Australia

    Area 200 SqM

  • Temperature uncoated 48°C
  • Temperature Super Therm® Applied 26°C

  • See Roofing

    Edmund Street Studio Warehouse, Norwood, South Australia

    • Underside of roof insulated with foil and fiber glass batts
    • Mezzanine floor used for office computers, often shut down due to heat even with split air conditioning
    • Area covered with Super Therm® 450 SqM colour coded to earth tone as requested. Temperature reduced adequately for comfortable use and computers used continuously.

    Large span roofing

    Large span roofing

    Large span roofing

    See Roofing

    Northern River Olive Processors

    • Applied November 2004:
      Test area 50 SqM Super Therm® applied to the underside of the insulated foil batts
    • February 2005:
      Additional 350 SqM Super Therm® applied to complete the roof
    • Comparison of utility costs demonstrates significant savings

    See Industrial & Commercial

    Connoco Phillips off Shore Oil & Gas Platform
    Greater Sun Rise Timor Sea

    Radar effected by heat fluctuating

  • External Radar Control units / Control boxes coated with Super Therm®
  • Problem solved
  • See Petroleum, Oil & Gas

    Bardrill Holding Horse Stud, Echunga, South Australia

    • Horse stable area to cover 800 SqM
    • Super Therm® applied roof only
    • Container Veterinary shed also used for developing x-rays

    See Roofing & Agriculture

    Inglewood Farms, Queensland

  • May 2003:
    New 600 SqM roof chicken shed (Free Range)
  • Super Therm® applied chicken sitting side by side after application
  • Dec 2003:
    Super Therm® applied over shipping container used for incubation purposes

  • See Roofing & Agriculture

    Highlands Kainantu Ltd (Gold)
    Port Moresby Papua New Guinea

    • SF Containers turned into accommodation units
    • Roofs and Western wall only covered
    • Area 600 SqM

    See Roofing

    Caltex Refineries, New South Wales and Queensland

    • Super Therm® used successfully. All records CONFIDENTIAL

    See Petroleum, Oil & Gas

    Department of Administration and Information
    and Technical Services, Adelaide

    • School roof condensation area covered 120 SqM
    • Problem solved

    See Roofing

    Bardrill Corp, Moomba

    • Area covered 200 SqM corrugated iron roof
    • Ambient temperature 38°C at 9am roof temperature uncoated underside 62°C
    • Super Therm® applied underside 28°C.
    • Tool boxes - unable to handle tools without gloves. Tool Box coated with Super Therm®, could then use tools anytime
    • Water bottles coated held the cold longer / Eskys - ice lasted 6 days longer

    See Roofing

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