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The right coating for ultimate protection

  • Floors
  • Walls & Ceilings
  • Work Boats
  • Cruise Ships
  • Casino Vessels
  • Research Vessels
  • Transport Vessels
  • Other Modes of Water Transportation


Areas of Benefit

  • Wheel houses
  • Top decking to prevent heat buildup and conduction into holes
  • Equipment and electronics on deck that need protection from heat
  • Application of Super Therm® blocks sound by up to 68% through hulls, walls, etc
  • Application of Super Therm® resists the growth of mold and mildew
  • Prevents the occurrence of condensation when applied to dry clean surfaces
  • DNV approved

  • Prime entire hull – below and above water-line.77
  • All metal on ship – interior and exterior
  • Helps to prevent concrete from spaulding
  • Can be applied with minimum prep and hand tooling
  • Remove embedded salt deposits with wire brush or brush blast and a solvent wash
  • Lay non-skid material down between two layers of the coating for an extremely durable footing - catwalks, decking, hallways, etc
  • DNV approved

  • Top coat in colours for above water-line
  • Can be used in white to top coat over Super Therm® to provide better weathering in ocean environment
  • Used on interior for colour or clear
  • Used on flooring in grey or clear with non-skid

  • Apply over Rust Grip®on the exterior of the hull below the water line
  • Coat directly over wet or moist pipes on interior to control condensation and corrosion
  • Apply directly over wet surfaces – drys chemically
  • Apply directly over interior of hull over wet or moist surfaces to prevent and encapsulate rust deposits

  • Apply over Moist Metal Grip on the interior of hull below water line to control condensation
  • Apply over coolers and cold substrates to prevent condensation on surfaces and improve efficiency of unit
  • If A/C ducting is condensating and wet, apply directly over the wet surfaces to stop and prevent the condensation
  • Apply directly over interior of hull over wet or moist surfaces to prevent and< encapsulate rust deposits

  • Apply on interior of engine rooms to prevent spread of fires
  • Apply on interior of holes between compartment walls to prevent spread of fire
  • Apply over all sensitive electrical and control boxes to protect from fire
  • Apply on walls of sleep quarters and wheel houses
  • Apply on interior walls of kitchen area and boiler rooms
  • Tested for the U.S. Navy Carrier Group
  • DNV approval pending

Hot Pipe Coating (HPC™)
  • Apply directly to surface of hot pipes and boilers during normal operation for insulation and protection
  • Encapsulates hot surfaces to control corrosion
  • Provides protective covering for hot surfaces and reduces exterior temperatures for a safer working environment

  • HSC™ Coating is designed to control hot surface temperatures ranging between 150°-350°F (240°C)

  • Apply inside of acid or caustic tanks or drip areas to prevent corrosion and deterioration.

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