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Container Applications

Energy Star ratingWith insulation add sound reduction, mold/mildew resistance, class A fire protection and water resistance.

Shipping containers are rapidly becoming an alternative living option. Super Therm® as the base is the perfect option to affordable insulation options.

Super Therm® Weather Resistive Barrier, solves many of the challenges facing traditional house wrap and building paper. A fully-adhered system is the best insurance against water and air intrusion. Super Therm® is a fluid-applied, seamless protection for moisture sensitive structures in the event of a breach in exterior wall coverings. Super Therm® protects against ingress of incidental water such as that caused by severe weather, vapor or condensation, into the building or facility.

Class A fire resistance for all walls or roofing it covers. ASTM E-84 is "0" flame spread and "0" smoke.

Sound reduction through walls or roofing where Super Therm® is applied. ASTM E90 "Standard Method for Laboratory meansurement of Airborne Sound Transmission Loss of building Partitions", and ASTM E413 "Standard Classification for Determination of sound Transmission Class". Sound Transmission Coefficient up to 50%.

Water Barrier protection to a 55mph wind driven rain. ASTM D 6904

Resistance to Wind Driven Rain for Exterior Coatings. ASTM D7088, Resistance to hydrostatic Pressure for Coatings.

Mold/Mildew Resistance. ASTM D3273-82T tested for severe mold environment - temperature 90°F (32°C) and RH of 95%-98% for 5 1/2 weeks. Rated 9 out of 10.

Insulation in terms of blocking heat load. In the field of insulation, the standard "R" value is a measurement of how fast the heat will conduct or travel through the insulation material from the hot side to the cool side.

This is the "resistance" factor. This depends on the "loading" of all the available heat and then checking how fast it conducts through the material. Problem with this technology is that the heat "is" transferring through and conducting into the house or facility at only a slower rate, but "is" transferring.

The Super Therm® blocks the initial HEAT LOAD which is the beginning of the heat transfer measurement. It is a fact, that if you "reduce the amount of heat in the initial loading, you have reduced the amount of heat "available" for transfer into the house or facility".

Would it not be better to reduce the heat load rather than simply slow all the heat load down, which it all makes it through eventually.

U.S. Department of Energy Testing (52% less BTU’s needed to cool container using Super Therm®)

Summer Container Residence in Italy

Sardinia has a typical mediterranean climate. During the year there are approximately 300 days of sunshine, the average temperature is between 11 to 17°C (52° to 63°F), but in summer the extreme temperature gets up to 36°C (97°F), effectively a desert environment.

Two of the 3 corrugated-steel exteriors of the containers were painted with Super Therm®, a ceramic coating that insulates the structure to reduce heating and cooling loads. Super Therm® ceramic coating is a paint mixed with 4 ceramic compounds for application via spray or roller to exterior and interior surfaces. Ceramic coatings are measured by their emissivity - it measures both the ability to reflect heat and the amount of heat that is loaded onto a surface.

Although they installed air conditioning, they have never used it thanks to the Super Therm® insulation.
if anything, the paint works almost too well, making the containers feel almost like refrigerators at night!

They bought 3 containers - 2 of them they painted with Super Therm®, they finished the paint and could not buy it on this island, so they used normal paint for the third container. The exposure to wind and sun has been the same for all three, all three had the same amount of doors for ventilation, but the 'normal' one which we used as bathroom, has been terribly hot by day and by night. The clients said this research might be too spontaneous and empirical, but this was what they have experienced so far.

Container Residence, Italy

Hepburn Springs Container Home

Madeleine McCristal surveys the surrounds from the Hepburn Springs home she is creating using 12 shipping containers coated with Super Therm® that provides insulation.

Container home in Hepburn Springs, Victoria coated with Super Therm®

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