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To date more 464,515 m2 of roofing has been protected in Japan alone using Super Therm® for such companies as Canon, Hitachi, Kirin Brewery, Matsushita, Mitsubishi, Sony, Sumitomo, to name a few.

Sony reduced kW by 86% with a 13 month payback

Sony Engineering group conducted field studies at the Koda factory and determined that the kW usage was reduced from 3,764 kW in May 1994 to 519 kW in May 1995 a reduction of 3,248 kW or 86%. The kW usage in June 1994 was 5,647 kW which was reduced to 1,869 kW in June 1995 which was a reduction of 3,778 kW. This resulted in a payback of 13 months. As a consequence Super Therm® was specified on their new 700,000 square foot facility in Malaysia.

Super Therm® was applied on a manufacturing facility in Kansas that was experiencing a great deal of difficulty in cooling various unconditioned buildings of the factory due to variance in size and significant volume. The results were an immediate reduction by 12 degrees Fahrenheit on the lower levels, with an even greater reduction to the attic storage and overhead work zones on the second story. This temperature reduction enabled the facility to utilize simple ceiling fans for cooling during the summer months, and thereby lowering the overall expense of energy.

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