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There are a variety of products from Superior Hi-Tech Coatings in the Agriculture industry that deal with many and various situations.

Super Therm® has many cost-reducing, profit-enhancing agricultural benefits. Testing has shown the use of Super Therm® on farm and poultry houses greatly lowers inside temperature and humidity levels, which reduces the death-rate of livestock (due to heat stress) by up to 75%. Cooler Farm house temperatures allow for regular feed consumption by livestock, which helps to increase average livestock weight and profits.

Condensation and moisture inside a farm house quickly deteriorate existing insulation materials, and can be a breeding ground for disease. Super Therm® on houses and cold water pipes will eliminate condensation and moisture, extending the life of existing materials and preventing loss of livestock. Use of Super Therm® on Bin Feeders also prevents condensation and moisture contamination of the feed, resulting in less feed waste.

Due to the specialist natures of agriculture, each situation needs to be assessed before any recommendations can be made regarding the use of our coatings systems. Please contact us if you have a specific need or requirement for your business.

Reduces energy and maintenance costs while increasing livestock comfort and productivity

  • Reduces heat stress and increases livestock profitability by applying to all animal shelters, especially poultry, cattle, hogs, and horses
  • Insulates freezers or refrigeration units to reduce costs and product loss
  • Protects goods by insulating long haul trailers designed to carry perishables
  • Reduces heat stress during animal transportation by applying to trailers
  • Reduces energy costs and increases comfort by coating roofing and
    interior/exterior walls to keep heat in during winter or heat out during the summer
  • Reduces risk of condensation on cold water pipes and watering tanks
  • Provides a fire-resistant coating for substrates. Super Therm® has a “0” fire and smoke spread and will not contribute to flame spread


Wet Cold Pipes

Concrete Floor/Repairs

Roofing and Ceilings

Gap Sealing

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